Policies & Reports


HIPAA Notice of Privacy

On April 14, 2003, the Moore County Public Health Department implemented the Federal Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule and HIPAA Privacy Policies of Moore County Government. HIPAA regulates how protected health information about an individual can be used and disclosed and the rights of an individual regarding their medical information and privacy. View the Moore County Health Department's Notice of HIPAA Privacy Practices (PDF) here.

For more information regarding HIPAA, visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Moore County Public Health Department does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap, sex, age, or political affiliation in employment or in the provision of services.

  • Notice of Free Language Assistance: It is the policy of the Moore County Department of Health to provide free language interpretation services to our clients.
  • La nota de Ayuda Libre de Idioma: Sera la poliza del Moore County Public Health Department de proporcionar los servicios gratis de interpretacion de idioma a nuestras clients


Health Reports

  • Moore County Health Department Brochure (Espanol) (PDF): Offers summarized descriptions of the Moore County Health Department's various sections, programs, and services in brochure format.
  • Health Resource List Brochure (En Espanol) (PDF): A comprehensive list of providers of health and wellness services in our community, including emergency assistance, general health, substance abuse/mental health, and various support groups.
  • Weekly COVID-19 and Flu Surveillance Summary (PDF): The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) uses multiple surveillance systems to monitor respiratory diseases across the state. These surveillance systems include information related to outpatient visits, emergency department visits, laboratory data, as well as hospital data from epidemiologists at seven of the state's largest healthcare systems.
  • 2019 Community Health Assessment (PDF): The Community Health Assessment (CHA) is a report that includes information about the health status of Moore County as it is today and about the county's capacity to improve the lives of residents by addressing selected health priorities that have the greatest impact on the community as a whole.

Data & Statistics

  • North Carolina State Center for Health StatisticsCounty and statewide trends in key health indicators.
  • LINC: Log Into North Carolina (LINC) is a valuable resource for North Carolina statistical data. It offers over 1,300 state and county-level data items from several broad categories.
  • County Health Rankings and RoadmapsRanking the health of nearly every county in the nation, County Health Rankings illustrate what we know when it comes to what makes people sick or healthy. The County Health Roadmaps show what we can do to create healthier places to live, learn, work, and play.
  • Environmental Protection Agency: Find a wide variety of environmental information by location.
  • USDA Food Environment Atlas: A spatial overview of a community's ability to access healthy food and its success in doing so.

Public Access to Community Health Data Policy (PDF)